Areas of Practice


We are committed to excellence, timeliness, value for money and delivery of services.

We understand that legal solutions should not be divorced from business realities and as such we work hard to strategize on and deliver legal solutions that are also pragmatic.

Dispute Resolution

Soko & Co has got an impressive record representing clients in all manner of disputes in courts, arbitral and specialized administrative tribunals.

International Adoptions

We have an impressive track record representing foreign nationals who wish to adopt Malawian children for residence either in Malawi or abroad.

Due Diligence

We have successfully supported our clients in conducting due diligence of its operations and supply chain for compliance with the Laws of Malawi as well as targets for acquisitions and mergers.

Legal Risk Analysis & Management

We supports our clients so that they are proactive and pre-emptive in understanding and managing the legal risks associated with their operations.

Investor & Immigration Support

Malawi, as a developing country, offers vast opportunities for investment. Soko & Co understands that for those seeking to invest in Malawi, getting answers to the most basic questions can be a challenging.